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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Really? I'll have to go back and watch myself. I thought they questioned the 3rd down hand off to Hester earlier in the game (which I myself, and I think everybody here, question) but thought they agreed with the decision to run the clock in the late 4th quarter which we're talking about here.
Yep, they were fully expecting playaction, remarking at how Manning is one of the best intermediate passers in the game and how he is suredly going to try and conver here. Then shock that he actually handed off and how it was a dream come true for the Ravens. The best thing they could have hoped for.

I believe you are referring to the fist possession in overtime. We had a 2nd and 1. Ran Hillman up the gut on 2nd down. Ran Hester up the gut on 3rd down. Stymied both times. I don't recall them commenting on the playcalling as much as crediting the Ravens for stuffing them. But yes, that was more horrible, weak-tit playcalling. There could be another Hester run on 3rd down earlier in the game but I had forgotten this exchange on the first drive of OT.
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