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Malik Jackson

My problem is, why is Champ playing those coverages in the first place?

Everyone is all over JDR and the Job he did this season, but he blew it Saturday in gameplanning, adjustments, and preparation for BAL. Champ did play woefully awful yesterday, but really only on the deep balls. In fact, the defense gave up more big plays in this game, than it did the whole second half of the season. They gave up 4 big plays: 3 passes over 40 yards and one run over 30 yards in the game! If they simply keep BAL from making those big plays, chances are they score 13 or 17 points in this game instead of 38. All four of those big plays lead to TD's as well. No FG's or big stops for the defense this game, and they had their worst 3rd down conversion % since NE.

Lots of blame to go around for this one, but the brilliant second half defensive adjustments they came up with all year were nowhere to be seen. In fact, they got worse instead of better in the second half.
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