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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I hear ya. But, mostly for the sake of argument/discussion, the Giants won two Super Bowls in recent years without a "shutdown corner", which they got away with primarily because their front 7 applied enough pressure. Shutdown CB's are a luxury and don't grow on trees. Do the Ravens have one? How about the Pats (Talib?)? If the point is that Champs needs help against elite receivers then I agree. If it's that he's washed up and needs to be replaced I do not.
No, dude. Champ is not washed up. Cmon, man.
Hes clearly lost a step. Age.
However, DEN does need to take into consideration
that shut down CBs dont exactly grow on trees and
if they can get one at this point, they should be
considering it. Champ will need to eventually be replaced.
And i agree that if a team wants to draft DE's and Dts and
just go with that philosophy, then by all means do it!
I love the way the NYG have just kept on drafting DE's
even though they already were loaded on the D-line.
But then they do go draft Prince Amukamara in the 1st too
didnt they!?! They still addressed their secondary at CB.
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