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Don't like this one bit! I think he gets more flak than deserved. It's not his fault that he has to call plays according to the head coach's philosophy. If he could get something out of Orton and Tebow, he will defenetly get Rivers going again.
Anything that was 'gotten' out of Kyle was by McDouchels. If you see something positive in Kyle's games under McCoy's gameplanning, please point it out to me in Weeks 1-5 of 2011. That's pretty much the sum total of McCoy's influence with Kyle. And it reeked.

Tebow for all his faults made some of McFox's ground and pound wet dreams possible. But the fact that they still have those dreams even when they've got PFM under center and are reduced to Ronnie Hillman in the backfield.... something's gotta give.

I want an OC with the credibility to talk this stuff over with PM and together they can give Foxy the what-for if need be. Foxy doesn't have the offensive resume to restrain a top 5 GOAT who's maybe the greatest offensive mind ever to play. If he can't adjust to that kind of talent on his roster, he's really nothing more than Reeves II.
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