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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
No, thats the whole reason that there is such thing as a
"SHUT DOWN CORNER" He doesnt need any help from anyone at any time.
Champ used to be one of those guys. Darrel Revis, injury free, is 1 of those guys.
And BTW, almost everyone on this team had a good year. They won 13 games. I am sure theres plenty of awards and articles to go around, but the bottom line is, Champ is no longer a premier shut down corner when asked to go head to head regardless of a pass rush anymore.
I hear ya. But, mostly for the sake of argument/discussion, the Giants won two Super Bowls in recent years without a "shutdown corner", which they got away with primarily because their front 7 applied enough pressure. Shutdown CB's are a luxury and don't grow on trees. Do the Ravens have one? How about the Pats (Talib?)? If the point is that Champs needs help against elite receivers then I agree. If it's that he's washed up and needs to be replaced I do not.
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