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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I'm well aware of this, and your point is fair. But why did the Broncos allow one O-lineman to make that big of a difference. Isn't Yanda the only guy who was missing in the first game? Also, as I showed in a post above, Champ had a very good year overall. And any CB is going to have struggles when left on an island and the opposing QB isn't getting pressured.
No, thats the whole reason that there is such thing as a
"SHUT DOWN CORNER" He doesnt need any help from anyone at any time.
Champ used to be one of those guys. Darrel Revis, injury free, is 1 of those guys.
And BTW, almost everyone on this team had a good year. They won 13 games. I am sure theres plenty of awards and articles to go around, but the bottom line is, Champ is no longer a premier shut down corner when asked to go head to head regardless of a pass rush anymore.
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