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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Whoa whoa whoa, I wasn't saying move him to safety. I'm saying we need to play two deep safeties on the back end to give him and the rest of our underneath coverage more help over the top.
DEN apparently doesnt play deep safeties.

I think its time to look at the charles Woodson position for Champ.
It plays to his strengths and his age.
Woodson plays the slot CB and covers TEs as well at the LOS.
He also will move back depending on his assesment of the QB at the LOS and move into a FS position to help or rove.
This allows Woodson to do what he does best, cover bigger,slower possesion recievers and TE's, and more importantly, jump routes.
But as a bonus being at the LOS so much, Woodson can also blitz from that position because like Bailey, hes a physical player that can attack and get to the QB, or also play in run coverage.
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