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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I hear ya, but I guess my point is that he did a pretty good job limiting his man all year. On the whole he played very well this year, and per PFF put up his worst performance of the year in this game vs. his best game of the year against Baltimore in the regular season game.

(bolding mine)
Tony, you do know that the BALT game earlier in the year was without many of there best players right?
Many of their players were also injured too.
BALT revamped O-line on Sat simply shut down DEN pass rush and because of this, Champ was torched all day. Flacco actually picked on Champ and really stayed away from Harris on bigger plays. Harris is younger and faster than Champ. Flacco wanted nothing to do with him.

The cheesy article by King can simply be reduced to this.
When DEN has its monster pass rush going, Champ looks great. When DEN doesnt have its monster pass rush going, Champ looks ordinary, and is
susceptible to being burned.

Now one might say that this is true of any CB, but it isnt. Revis doesnt need a pass rush. Champ WAS at one time the same calibur of player.
Not anymore. I love him as much as the next guy, but hes a liability against the opposing teams best WR.

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