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Originally Posted by OABB View Post
I would like to see more screens.
I'd like some RB screens actually. Defense were attacking pretty hard by the end of the season because (against his reputation) the best way to throw us off was the blitz. We didn't make people pay for attacking last season, and when the offense did make mistakes it was because of pressure. With Moreno and Hillman, we should have been taking advantage.

We need to evaluate the run offense, it was completely predictable. Especially in the last game, where all we did is run into the teeth of the defense. We played right into the one thing that an Old Ray Lewis can still do, attack straight ahead and run stuff. It was stupid considering whenever we ran laterally he was taken out of the play. Same goes for Ngata, it was very poorly planned.

Doing these things will open up the Manning passing offense even better.
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