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From the DP

According to Keith Goldner at the excellent Advanced NFL Stats, since the 2000 NFL season there have been 21 games similar to the Broncos’ situation against the Ravens (a drive that starts with between 20-40 seconds remaining; the offense has two or more timeouts; the offense has either a deficit of 3-or-fewer points or the game is tied).

In those 21 situations, the offense scored a field goal four times. Not a lot. But only one offense turned the ball over and eventually lost the game (Donovan McNabb’s INT for Philadelphia against Washington in 2009). In 16 games, the offense missed a field goal or didn’t get a kick off
So that means
4 Times the team Win
16 Times nothing happend
1 Time the lose

So Mister "we play for the odds" Fox.

You have a 96 % Chance of winning or NOT Losing the Game. And a 4 % Chance of losing.

What do you do ?
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