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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Bottom line for me - there were a lot of non-calls in this game, and that's simply because these refs were going to "let the players play." That means the most aggressive team was going to win. And they did.
The problem was that they only let the ravens' players play. There were multiple very questionable calls against the Broncos for pass interference and offensive holding and multiple very questionable no-calls in the ravens' favor for the same things.

I guess there were 2-3 questionable penalties against the ravens, but some of them seemed to be make-up calls for things that went against the Broncos a couple plays prior. I don't remember any being as egregiously wrong as the Kuper hold or the Champ PI either.

The fact that I (and several people in the gameday thread) was seriously worried that the Stokely catch would be overturned is evidence to how lopsided the officiating was. Just the fact that they sent Stokely's catch to replay was ridiculous, especially when they blew the next play dead 2 seconds after the snap.
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