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Originally Posted by Mile High 81 View Post
The Problems are not the calls. you always can all it one way or the other way. but you must have a line. and these fxxx clowns did not have one.

you can call Pass int on carter but when you do it You absolutley have to call an Pass int on decker for the pick six.

you can call holding on kuper on the run play but when you do stuff like this you absolutley have to call holding on the ravens Tackels for mutiple holds on doom and von in the first half.
This is exactly where the issue is with the refereeing of this game.

I also have a major issue with the quote: "The ball hit the ground, but in order for the pass to be ruled incomplete, Boldin would have literally had to lose possession of the ball. Boldin's right hand stayed on the ball at all times."

The problem I have with this call is that it has gone against us 3 times this year. Twice in favor of the other team's offense and once against a Decker completion that was overturned by replay. The first time I saw a review of this type of catch (can't remember the specific game, but remember the call vividly), Decker clearly had possession of the ball before it hit the ground, the ball DID NOT MOVE as it hit the ground and he maintained the same hold on the ball all the way through the catch. It was then OVERTURNED from the completed catch called on the field.

Twice since that game the same rule has been interpreted completely differently to allow far more questionable passes to be upheld for Denver's opponent. Maybe it was just a replacement vs. real official thing, but it still pisses me off because of the lack of consistency.
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