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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I def don't put the loss on the refs, but had they not made some bs calls, the outcome probably is different. The one that really sticks in my craw was the Champ interference at the end. An official like 30 yards away threw that flag and, instead of having the ball on the like 30, we got it on the six. That was a tough one to swallow

I hear you. That first touchdown where Torrey Smith "beat" Champ Bailey - he pushed off, and that's how he got separation. There was no "beating" about it. But even still, I could see complaining about the refs if they were calling that stuff on our guys and not on theirs. But that's not what happened. Our guys weren't playing as physically aggressive as their guys were. And that was the difference in the game. That's why they got the touchdowns they got. That's why they got the turnovers. That's why they got the forced fumbles. They created their "breaks" by 'out-physicalling' us.
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