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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
It's idiots like him who ran off all the great posters.

"Shanahan won SB's because Wade Phillips built his team!"

"The NFL hasn't seen the likes of Tebow! Go Gators!"

"I just requoted some dude on the InTErNetS so I know I am right, what are YOUR sources? Liberial kiddies think they are going to change the world, where were they back in 1778!"

I get it more BS from BS..

just which "great" poster (note the singular) have left since I started posting..

I have been lurking on here for years.. early 03 I think was when I started and frankly of all those great posters you claim I do not recall ever seeing them..

I chose not to post at the time as because I was on a couple of other forums.. this place at the time was a ****ing war zone..

I read and decided not to get into the war games..

as to your kiddie comment I find it hard to take the word about broncos from someone that started watching them when one of the following happened, Elway came to town, the drive, mikey was promoted to HC, cutlet was dafted, Tebow was drafted.. with each of them ongoing getting diminishing respect..

for the most part most members on here and other forums learned football from playing Madden or being a FF owner.. less than half have played the game other than in the back yard..

so IMO they are kiddies, that should post less and read more.. they just might learn something.
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