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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Eddie Mac has been doing a great job reporting on the Cap here for as long as I have been here, Lonestar gets his info second hand from someone elses post and has the audacity to question Eddie Mac his sources?!

what is amazing is I used ONE source about the 7 million for the rookies cap number and it was CLEARLY shown in my quote of Bmore manning

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Denver rolled over 26 million into the Salary Cap in 2012, this made our Cap Total $147.26 Million of money available to be spent, which includes salary and bonus. Denver spent around $137.53 Million this season.. which means there’s about $10 million dollars of Cap Rollover into next season.. this is where I got my $10 Cap Room Number. That’s just rollover money, so this puts the spending mark limit around $131 Million roughly.. the Salary Cap is projected to be about $121 Million for 2013.

Now here is the intricate part which I said requires some pretty extensive research.. below is a list of the players under contract for the Denver Broncos heading into the 2013 NFL season and THEIR SALARY.. take note that this does not reflect the total salary cap number, because it does not include bonuses. I am not privied to what teams pay out for in bonuses prior to the season.. we know that there is typically a signing bonus associated with most contracts, and this guaranteed money gets prorated over the contract for several years. This is why when you go on spot tract you are only able to see Cap Hit for 2012.. in will say Salary, Signing Bonus, Other Bonus.. these numbers added up are what give you your Cap Hit for the year.

Manning $20 M
Dumervil $12 M
Bailey $9 M
DJ Williams $6 M
Kuper $4.5 M
Dreesen, Prater, & Tamme $2.5 M
Von Miller $2.28 M
Woodyard $2 M
Adams $1.75 M
Moreno $1.7 M
Hanie $1.25 M
Ayers $1.06 M
Caldwell $900 K
DT $836 K
Franklin $771 K
Ramirez & Hester $715 K
Beadles & Decker $575 K
Julius Thomas, Moore, Green, Irving, & Harris $555 K
Wolfe, Brewer, Malik Jackson, Steve Johnson, Bolden, Trevethan, Holliday, Hillman, & Osweiler $480 K

Salary Total Roughly $89 Million
So that is a current salary cap hit of $89 Million, this does not include bonuses, again I am not privied to bonuses because I do not have their actual contracts in front of me. But I do know based on viewing the amount of time left on current players contracts, there should not be a significant bonus cap hit… over the length of a time of a contract the cap hit either goes up or comes down, fortunately for us, our players with higher cap hits had more front loaded contracts, and what you see is what you get..

Signing Rookie Players
To sign a draft class will count about $7 Million against the cap..
This puts Denver at a $96 Million Cap Hit, this is with the list of players above and our signed draft class.. Remember this does not include the bonus money of players from the long list above, but that $7 million draft class is a very accurate total cap hit gauge.

As I have reieterated throughout the post, I am not privied to what the entire cap hit will be per player under contract because I do not know what their contract allows for in terms of bonuses. What I do know is the big name free agent who will get a huge signing bonus this offseason that will be prorated over the contract will be Ryan Clady, assuming of course he is resigned. When free agents sign a contract, they care more about the guaranteed money that they will get upfront and no matter if they are injured or not, salary is an after thought. Denver had $30 million dollars of bonuses towards the cap last season. If we assume that number is the same for 2013, then our cap figure is now $126 Million… this includes the entire list of current signed players, our draft class signed, and all bonuses included…
This will have Denver with about $5 million to spend towards impending free agents and free agents that will hit the open market. I just want to note I do not think the bonus money will account for some $30 million dollars next season, I expect about $20 million.. which gives us $15 million to spend towards free agency.

Impending Free Agents
Lance Ball, Justin Bannan, Keith Brooking, David Bruton, Tony Carter, Chris Clark, Britton Colquitt
C.J. Davis, Chris Gronkowski, Dan Koppen, Jim Leonhard, Sealver Siliga, Brandon Stokley, Mitch Unrein
Kevin Vickerson, Matt Willis, Tracy Porter, and Ryan Clady.

We are a very fortunate team in the NFL to have such a plethora of skilled young talent.. right now we are paying peanuts for guys who are doing great things on the roster. Regardless of who you think we should resign, who you think we should draft, who you think we should pursue in free agency.. you need to have a firm grasp of where we stand in regards to the cap. Maybe you think some deals should be reworked, maybe some players should be outright cut so we can increase our ability to spend.
My best assessment puts Denver with $5-$15 Million towards free agency spending.. that included our own impending free agents as well as whats their on the market. I spent several hours on this.. so make sure when you Draft Gurus use my numbers in your Mock threads, you be sure to give me a shout out, or reference that you got the numbers from me.. Enjoy the numbers and get creative!!
so go piss off

I have since been corrected by Kaylore (3.5-5 mil) whom I tend to agree with.. and have used that number in any and all subsequent posts..

Considering we may have spent that much the year before last picking #2 I can see where Bmore Manning might have gotten that number..

As for asking someone for their sources when they are not stated I have zero problems with doing so and will always challenge someone that has numbers I do not agree with after doing extensive research on the matter..

Since frankly I do not know the poster from adam and KNEW when i researched my post it was 35 under a 2013 contract not on the practice squad..

unlike some I do not spend every waking moment on the forum and frankly do not care to read up every poster most of which are kiddies and do not know their a ss from a hole in the ground about football.. and even less about business..

combine the two together and the number of posters I trust to have good information I can count on one hand and maybe now since you have enlightened me and due to his responses one hand and 1 finger..
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