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This game was probably the biggest choke job in Broncos history. Will haunt my nightmares WAY more then the Jacksonville loss ever did.[/QUOTE]

Not to be a d*ck, but are you like 18 years old or something? I can't imagine anyone who actually lived through the Jacksonville game making this comment (I was at the game, by the way)...

Saturday's loss was no doubt a heartbreaker, but the Jacksonville loss was absolutely crushing. As a franchise and a fanbase, after all of the failures in the SB in the 80's, choking away the #1 seed to an expansion team (I think it was J-ville's 2nd or 3rd year in the league) was about as low as it can get. I mean, Rahim Moore's mistake can't hold a candle to Michael Dean Perry's, at least in my book. There was just a really bad vibe after the J-ville game, like we were snake-bitten and would never get over the hump. After Saturday against the Ravens, sure, I'm bummed, but WTF? We blew a game we should have won, but at the end of the day, there are 2 Lombardi's in the trophy case, and we have PFM and a very good defense to look forward to for the next few years. Plus, NE would have probably spanked us in the AFC championship anyway. I hate to admit it, but their offense is ridiculous, and we just don't match-up against them very well...

Anyway, there's plenty of blame to go around for the Ravens loss, with plenty of questions to be answered and issues to be addressed. But good Lord, things aren't that bad in the grand scheme of things. Sorry to pick on your post, but the hyperbole and douchebaggery have been through the roof on this site for the last few days, and I needed to vent. Everyone just needs to take a deep breath remember that we are two years removed from a team where Kyle Orton and Nate Webster were two of our more prominent players. It's just a game, and everything will be okay. Christ, there only a handful of teams in the league that wouldn't love to trade places with us right now...
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