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Originally Posted by Crushaholic View Post
The way our defense was playing, I thought OT was a tricky proposition (and, it turned out to be just that). There had to be some plays that could have placed us in field goal range. I had a feeling that we were going to lose, at that exact moment. Forget the Rahim Moore flub. We STILL could have actually WON THE GAME in regulation...
Exactly. If our defense had been playing worth a **** the game would haven already been out of reach. Kneeling just told me we were going to lose. Harbaugh had to have been relieved when Manning didn't go no huddle with two timeouts to win it. Time outs mean we can throw anywhere on the field. DT can turn any p,ay into a 30 yard gain or more and Stoke and Decker can chew up 15 yds per pass on comeback routes. Why hire the $96 million man to watch him hand it off and cry uncle going into OT?
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