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Originally Posted by R8R H8R View Post
Obviously, and not surprising, my point went right over your head. He also backs him privately because if he didn't, he would have asked Fox prior to the PC to take some responsibility and concede that he may do it differently the next time the situation arises.

Fox said no such thing today! Instead, he said he will play it the same way again in the future 10 times out of 10. That is how I know Elway backs him privately you ****ing genius.

Btw and FWIIW, a guy does not have to agree with the decision to back him up.
Whatever he says to the media isn't the same behind closed doors.

And if he did not back Fox it doesn't mean that he told him you have to take blame for it infront of the media. Why would he do that??

If you want to believe whatever he or Elway said to the media then that's your choice. But, I hardly believe Elway backed him 100% privately. Elway knows this game, and I'm sure a lot was said closed doors. You, on the other hand, believe whatever Fox or Elway say to the public.

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