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Peyton Manning

But, DT got 3 balls in 5 qter' there any question that the coaches blew this game?

Who the hell on the Ravens at CB were good enough to shut down Denver's biggest play maker? 1 of his 3 catches went for a TD by the way. How about a slant to DT...ala the Pitt game. What a thought!

Go back and watch the int by Manning in I the only one who cussed him out for rolling out to where the pressure was...instead of rolling to the other side...where nobody was there to persue him? Then, I figured it out...he was only looking for one guy and it was stokely. His BFF. When you see that play you'll see he rolled the wrong direction. Then secondly you'll see that Stokely wanted the ball over the defenders head...he even signaled for it...but, it was too late Manning had thrown the ball and it was picked. Had Manning made the same read as Stokely, all he had to do was lob it over the defenders head and stokely was off to the races...for at least 15-20yds.

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