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Rahim Moore made a terrible play. But I am amazed at how many people I respect on here are prosecuting him. All he would have had to do was not square his hips to the line of scrimmage and literally jog towards the receiver and he would have been in perfect position for the INT. Instead he completely misjudges the trajectory and misses the knock down and the interception. This was an elementary mistake for a Defensive Back. There seem to be a lot of people even more mad that he admitted that he was going for the interception.... Seriously....Rahim Moore makes that interception and the game is over, simple as that. Rahim Moore tries to knock the pass down or simply swats at it they still have several more chances and they proved all game long that they could have the deep ball on us at will. Moore would have been prosecuted just as much had he simply swatted the ball down and then three plays later the Ravens score and they send it to OT. These same people that would have prosecuted him then are the ones prosecuting him now for going for the INT.

I'm not defending Rahim Moore for one of the worst plays I've ever seen from a Broncos defender, it was a completely elementary mistake. But it was just that, a mistake. Moore gave us everything he had this year and IMO was the most improved Bronco from 2011 to 2012. He will continue to improve. Moore's elementary mistake was no more of an elementary mistake than Manning running to his right and trying to throw back across his body to the left.
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