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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
It's so funny that every brokeback on this board says that the Chiefs season's of the 90's meant nothing, but this season was a great accomplishment for Brokeback Nation!!!

You accomplished more with Tebow last year than you did with Manning this year! Talk about wasting 18 million dollars!

You can make fun of Matt Cassel all you want but at the end of the day, you wasted money on Manning this year for the same result that Cassel yielded: one-and-done playoff loss!
This makes no sense? Are you saying that because Manning lost a DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF Game that he was a bust and equal to Cassell/Quinn/or blind monkey kFc started at QB this year?

You realize teams are built over time right? You understand that you can't just cherry pick a QB and suddenly go to the SB right? I mean kFc is so great at finding QB talent and getting to the playoffs and the SB every 50 years or so.

I bet you are mouth breathing at the other end of the InteRNetS thinking that if your team drafts a QB you will win the SB next year right?

Manning was an investment, we are more competitive and closer to winning a SB now than if we had Tebow or Orton or even Cutler.

Your logic is so weak I bet you have trouble winning tic-tac toe games vs children.

Here is a hint STUD, your team is on the clock and when the draft rolls around everyone is going to relive how epicly bad kFc was to earn the 1st overall pick. Meanwhile we will be picking in the late 20's just needing a couple depth pieces to help maintain the Playoff team Elway has built and make it better.

We will go into the season favored to win the Division, pundits will be talking about the uphill battle Reid faces turning kFc around.

Which end of the stick do you really want to be on? The promising end or the suck end?
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