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Von Miller

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Anyone else see today's NFL live?

Apparently at the end of the 5th Quarter the Ravens sent their kicker out for a practice kick. I thought this was not allowed outside of pre-game and at the half? He barely made the kick as it was.

Trey Wingo and Mangini both agreed this was against the rules.

If they did drop a flag (which the officals were loath to do vs the Ravens most of the night) should it have been a 15 yard Foul or 10 yard delay of game?

I don't like complaining about poor officiating but it is clear that they not only missed the Decker tipped INT returned for a TD and the Carter PI which was questionable at best, then there are the 3 holding calls on run plays...etc...The Broncos should file a grievance at the least.

Funny how Gumble and Dierdorf didn't point this out out of the break. This is as bad as the Pat's clearing the snow for the kicker back in the 80's.
They did point it out. As they were coming off the break. After how bad the game was officiated I didn't even care at that point. The refs had already left their mark on the game at that point.
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