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Just watched from just after we went ahead 35-28. It was actually kind of therapeutic. I was so antsy during the live game that I wasn't paying attn to some of the finer details, commentary. I don't care what anyone says, we limp dicked it and pussed out hardcore at the end of regulation and in overtime. Both announcers were shocked Manning didn't try to convert a first down by throwing at the end of regulation and that the Ravens couldn't have hoped for anything better. Turns out to be very prophetic.

Also, on our first drive of OT we failed to convert a 2nd and 1 after running up the gut 2 times. I had forgotten that. Why not at least try to get Hillman on the edge if you aren't going to let Manning throw it? Just terrible, uninspired, unimaginative playcalling. Disgusting.

Stokely is so awesome. It will suck if we don't have him next year. The diving catch in OT was unbelievable.

Mannings INT is simply inexcusable. 2nd and 6, rolling out, no immediate pressure. Say what you will about Moore but he is at least a 2nd year guy. What is Manning's excuse. Just a terrible, terrible play from someone of his supposed caliber. And then the aw shucks look on his face is pathetic. It defies logic.

And John Fox, to hear him come out with no regrets after rewatching. I don't know what to say.
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