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I wouldn't so much call it a play call since manning checked into it. If I remember right we were in shotgun and manning checked out of that play and went under center. I knew immediately he checked into a run but I was wondering why on 3rd down with Hester on the field. Maybe he thought Moreno was back there?

Anyways - our offense is so predictable sometimes. Manning under center is a run 80% o the time. Shotgun is pass 80% of the time.

My question is why didn't we throw any wrinkles into that game? Like that nifty screen to Moreno that we ran against KC or getting Holliday on the field since he was having a big day. Or letting DT go out and make a play like he did in the playoffs last year. The best player on the field in our 2011 playoff win gets 4 balls throw his way in our 2012 playoff loss. Makes sense right?
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