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Originally Posted by El Minion View Post
Pro Tim Tebow Poster McGruder believes Nazi's built time travel devices

Posted by Raheem Michael Dean Perry Moore on January 14, 2013, 47:73 PM ZULU Time

McGruder Tebow went on Twitter immediately after the Broncosí loss to the Ravens on Saturday using account named McGruder and said he was happy to listen to his dad talk about seeing Alien crafts while parked with a male "Friend" years before the Broncos loss. He also took a shot at Peyton Manning, the quarterback the Broncos signed to replace Tebow as their starter.

But on Monday, McGruder returned to Twitter after failing to go back in time using his T.Townesend Brown Anti-gravity Time machine in order to stop himself from posting in the past. "I got a head ache thinking about the potential paradoxes and figured that maybe the time a dude visited me dressed as Hitler could have been a dream, I mean it is more likely that Hitler would have pushed a flunky through the time machine I right?" With two days to think it over, he no longer believes that it was appropriate to celebrate seeing the Broncos lose.[INDENT] McGruder Tebow @McGrudertebow
My comment after the game was uncalled for. I may root for another team but I should never gloat about anyone's misfortune unless it is someone who doesn't believe there are aliens or Anti-gravity devices for reals. I'm truly sorry that Tebow didn't turnout to be a real NFL QB and we have to move to Canada to see him play. Hell I am now wishing my sibling is Colin Kapernick, that guy is a better Tebow than Tebow! Even Cam Newton was better at being Tebow than Tebow, then you have Russel Wilson, Joe Webb, the list is endless.

14 Jan 13

Thereís no word on whether Tim Tebow was the one who told McGruder to apologize. Tim Tebow hasnít tweeted about the Broncos, and although he has more than 2 million Twitter followers, he rarely tweets about anything related to the NFL at all: Not his current team, not his former team, not opposing teams and not anything else about the NFL, just that he would 1st like to thank his lord and savior Jesus Christ for inventing Twitter. And given how often people in the NFL end up getting themselves in trouble by tweeting about the NFL, thatís probably wise.
The real story unredacted!
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