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Originally Posted by RaiderH8r View Post
If any of us made a mistake that big n the job we would be fired and barred from future employment in our respective professions. That's how ****ed his play was. Buckneresque in its scale of ****ed.

Unfortunately we can't outright dump the **** sipper...yet. We should be moving in a direction to immediately replace him without him knowing it. Oh sure it's all giggles and it'll be fine let's grow from this happy horse**** until the call comes that we just signed your replacement, drafted his backup, bring your play book because your career here is 100% ****ed. Piss off dickhead.
I would say I imagined this post being read by a man with a bag over his head and a bucket of drool under his face, but I'm pretty sure that's the actual truth.

and for all those who think he will be cut (because you are dumb), please let me describe for you the case of Kyle Williams and the San Francisco 49ers, whom I also happen to root for. In the windswept year of 2012, Kyle Williams muffed a punt in the NFC Championship game that immediately led to a TD for the Giants in a close game. It was in the 4th quarter. It was devastating. I wanted to die. But the 49ers tied the game! It went into overtime! Joy of Joys, the 49ers got a defensive stop! On to the field comes our hero Kyle Williams, out for redemption. He muffs the punt. The Giants kick a field goal.

Kyle Williams lost the NFC Championship game for the 49ers TWICE. IN THE SAME GAME.

He played for the team this year.
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