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Virgil Green

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
For the 100th time, what if we passed it and still lost? By definition, that would mean there was no right call.

Horrible logic to pick that one non-scoring play and say that that's why we lost.
Right because it's not logic. It's 100% emotion, which we know can be irrational when taken to extremes. One doesn't have to agree with a decision, however they should understand why it is made.

You are right -what if we passed and it fell incomplete? Now the Ravens have 40 more seconds to work with; and what if they still get the bomb to Torrey Smith? Then this whole board would be *****ing about how Fox let the Ravens have more time to beat us.

Fox played the percentages, and the secondary blew it. That is why they tied the game. Period.
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