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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by McDman View Post
Half of the people on this board are so unbelivavbly dense.

So far I have read a few interesting things...

Let's cut Rahim Moore.
The guy just had a really good season. He was a tackling machine. Let's not forget the massive strides he took between his rookie year and his second. Anyone wanting to get rid of him is an imbecile. He made one absolutely terrible play but is it worth cutting him over? Absolutely not.

Champ Bailey is old and clearly needs to move to safety.
I will refer you to this article that has all of the stats for him this year. He is still a top 4 corner

Peyton should retire.
Really? A fantastic QB who made 1 terrible throw? Forget the 3 TDs he threw. He threw one bad pic! The guy turned us from an 8-8 team that won some games we did not deserve to win into a legit contender. I don't see anyone crucifying the defense for giving up 35 pts to Mr. Elite Flacco.

Fire John Elway and John Fox.
I'm really hoping whomever suggested firing Elway was trolling. Otherwise it was literally one of the dumbest comments I have ever read in the history of the internet. Please jump off of a cliff.

I can understand being mad at Fox. He messed up. He admitted to it. Hopefully he will learn from his dumb mistakes and realize he has Peyton and not Delhomme. Maybe Peyton was hurt? He kept clutching his hand and didn't make more than 2 throws over 15 yards. Idk. Suggesting we fire the coach that brought us back frokm our lowest point is idiotic.

People need to think before they write this moronic bs. These p***Y ass knee jerk reactions make us look like the most fickle fan base in the NFL. We had a terrible game, get over it. It was devastating but we are a good team with the talent to do it again next year.
The Denver Broncos average fanbase IQ dropped by 50 points sometime between Saturday night and well until the ****e blows over.
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