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Originally Posted by elsid13 View Post
Some folks need to remember it is just a football game and not a life and death situation. Kid made a mistake on the job, something that we all do. He will be back and will learn from the mistake which will make him a better player.
If any of us made a mistake that big n the job we would be fired and barred from future employment in our respective professions. That's how ****ed his play was. Buckneresque in its scale of ****ed.

Unfortunately we can't outright dump the **** sipper...yet. We should be moving in a direction to immediately replace him without him knowing it. Oh sure it's all giggles and it'll be fine let's grow from this happy horse**** until the call comes that we just signed your replacement, drafted his backup, bring your play book because your career here is 100% ****ed. Piss off dickhead.
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