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As much as I hated how Fox called that game, and as much as I hate his conservative style, and as much as I don't expect him to change, I do think he should get one more year. Not for the reason to be head coach though, I just think he will add some meat to this team in the offseason. Then give him his shot and hopefully he grows some balls and reaches out for glory next year.
I guess I agree with this. I have stuck up for Fox since he got here, but that was terrible on Saturday... I think he has done some good things here, but I was sitting here listening to the end of season press conference, and Fox says "10 times out of 10 I kneel on it and play for OT in that situation."
After I got done puking I started thinking about what its going to feel like when he does this whole Marty Schottenheimer **** show again next year... But unless John Gruden is waiting in the wings begging to coach here I guess stick with Fox.
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