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Chris Harris

I'm on the fence about bringing him back. Part of me says yeah, he's young, he made a mistake, he'll hopefully learn from it. But there's another part of me that says, you're a safety, at this level you should already know that you can't let the WR get deeper then you, ESPECIALLY in that situation. The team was burned several times on long passes over the top, why didn't he learn from those situations earlier in the game. What makes you think if he couldn't learn from those, why he would learn from the last one. The mistake you can live with and justify is a poor tackle, or maybe a pass interference call if he was maybe pulling down the WR's arms a tad early. But this mistake was a core fundamental know how of an NFL safety. It wasn't a hard play to make.

It's a tough call, I can't really decide either way right now. I do know, however, that Moore would have NEVER made a good outfielder in MLB, lolz.
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