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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
I said the same thing in one of the innumerable other threads. I agree with the call, I agree with the thread. We've won games like this this season. Our pass coverage and pass rush were two of the strengths of the team. Trust them to get the job done in a situation where the Ravens had virtually no chance of winning the game. They failed us horribly. Can't coach through failure like that, you just do what puts your team in the best position to win. The goal is to win the game, not pretend your making a questionable call makes you a bigger man and avails you of any of the blame for a loss. It takes more "balls" to make the right call in the face of a sea of idiots.
Pass coverage and pass rush failed us the entire game, so the best strategy is to force the Ravens to do what they were doing best: stone our pass rush and have Flacco play pitch and catch downfield. Perfect.
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