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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by KCStud View Post
Interesting little factoid for you Brokebacks...if Joe Flacco wins on Sunday, he'll tie Manning for playoff wins.

Oh and what's even more ironic is that while Brokeback fans try to say that the Chiefs are the true "one-and-done" team, you should probably realize that your QB has more one-and-done's than we do!

Top 5 QB of all-time my ass!
Our season ended within seconds of this last (playoff game). How did it feel to have your season ending over a month before the actual regular season ended and yet still had to watch, attend or play at least 5 meaningless games? How pathetic of a Chiefs fan you are when you would rather not go to the playoffs so you don't have to have that (obvious) chance of losing? Yes, you are better off sucking each season so you don't have that opportunity of Super Bowl or bust.

Bottom 5 Team of all true!
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