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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
So no 1 or 2 RB, he decides to put the fate of the game in the RBs hands? No 1 or 2 I'm trying to get that 1st down another way. Who says manning needs to throw an incomplete? He could've just fallen to the ground if no one is open.
The play wasn't necessarily to get a first down as much as it was to eat up the clock. That was a guaranty that as long as Hilman doesn't fumble or go out of bounds, the game loses about 40 seconds. You think a QB throws a ball thinking it is going to be incomplete? How about a perfect throw and the receiver drops it? I know they can go for a safe swing out pass that gives a better chance at a first down but I believe the option of killing 40 seconds as a 100% sure bet while the first down was a much smaller percentage.
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