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At some point in time the Broncos do need to consider getting a top notch replacement for Bailey in the future. He can still play at a very high level, but continues to get older. What I saw from him on Saturday was the worst football I think he has ever played since he has been with Denver.

Chris Harris is legit as our # 2 and Tony Carter plays well enough to be a reserve corner on this team. I'm not sure how good Bolden will ever be, (and hope he wasn't hurt too bad in the game) but we could definitely use another guy in that mix. Obviously the team felt they needed it and got Tracy Porter, but that didn't really work out now, did it?

We just don't have any big time players there down the road and it never hurts to have more depth. Doubt Rhodes will be there when we are picking, unless someone takes Banks over him. Don't really matter though, this draft has a lot of great depth at cornerback and if we do want an upgrade there, we can find guys after the first round who will be good players.

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