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I'm not sure how many people have looked at it, but Stokley broke off his rout and improvised into a location that would have likely won the game.

Take a look at the video around 28 seconds to get a better look.

He saw the had the entire middle of the field open and turned up field, waving to Manning. There was a defender to the left and two to the right. However ahead of him was open field if he darted straight.

Manning simply threw a weak ball across his body, which is why it was intercepted.

The intended throw was supposed to be over the defender and into Stokley's arms at around the 50 yard line.

Had the throw been proper it would have taken us to their 35-40 at a minimum and likely the game would have been over.

The point of this is that, everyone, even our future 1st ballot HOF'er made a mistake which cost us the game.

A higher and stronger ball and we're probably facing New England.
He is not our first ballot HOFer, he is Indy's first ballot HOFer.
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