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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by LetsGoBroncos View Post
I have 2 worlds as far as my emotions go. My sports world and my real world. I don't want me being so down over a game like this to completely effect the way I act toward my family (even though it kinda does).

In my sports world I am as crushed as I could possibly be. I had trouble sleeping all week before the game. I wanted so badly to have that feeling this week of being 1 game from the Super Bowl. I just couldn't imagine how awful I was going to feel if they did lose. It is even worse than I imagined, probably because of the way it went down. Just hard to accept that about 18 BIG things went wrong (mistakes on our part, Moreno getting hurt, horrible officiating on critical plays) and we still only had to knock down a hail mary down to win...and we couldn't do it.

So having said that I don't know if I'll ever truly get over this. The NFL is so year to year now that when you have a chance like we did to play at home and the rest of the field is beatable you must take advantage. We may not be in this good of a position in 15-20 more years.
Yeah, it hasnt affexted my real world other than being a bit down, but my sports world is still crushed. Everything is bothering me from all that went wrong in the game, to people's kneejerk reactions, to Peter Kings dumbass "haiku." Im not ready to look to next season yet
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