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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
So, let's recap:

Based off Champ's admittedly poor performance against the Ravens on Sunday (no one has denied this), you make the claim that he has been getting torched regularly (you don't bother yourself to offer even anecdotal evidence of this) and that it's time to find a replacement. I recall a section of an interesting article I read addressing that very topic, and post it as a rebuttal. This article uses statistics and facts to demonstrate that Champ had a terrific season. Rather than address the specific points the article makes, you make the bizarre accusation that the source is a "homer journalist" (nevermind that neither Peter King nor Pro Football Focus has any affiliation with the Broncos). Then, you repeat your vague assertions from earlier with no facts used to support them.

In short, you've made an utter fool of yourself based off your overaction of one poor Bailey performance.
Actually i never said it was just off of his terrible, pathetic preformance on Sat. (NOT SUN)
And your Homer article based on what some homer journalist claims as "facts" only adds to your inferiority complex about a very touchy issue for you. Its OK, your gonna get through this.
There are no 'facts" only an article claiming by one journalists opinion that Champ had a good season. And that is easily destroyed with one name.
Von Miller.
By the way, i dont need any facts. And you dont either, and you dont have any.
You just have part of an article that is taking out of context a players appearance on the field but is also based on other players performances which in turn make him appear to be in your opinion "good".
Also, the consistent and immature name calling only adds to your obvious inferiority complex and personal difficulty with this subject.
Try to get through a discussion without having to resort to it.
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