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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
You still haven't explained your "homer journalist" comment. Neither Peter King nor Pro Football Focus have any affiliation with the Broncos. Second, the posted article offers evidence and stats to support its position. You've offered nothing. No stats, no evidence of any kind, no nothing. Just baseless assertions. In short, you are the one making an emotional argument (spouting off assertions unsupported by actual evidence out of a need for finding a scapegoat), while the article cited leans on unemotional statistics and facts.
No, its just simply obvious that champ was TORCHED.
Your emotional stats about how well Champ supposedly played against
teams that Von Miller and the defense had banner days against only adds to your emotional fixation and your inferiority complex about this subject.
Try not to be so sensitive to criticism about your favorite player.
Your hypercritical attitude only shows your bias and your trying too hard to hide from the glaring problem of Champ being TORCHED a number of times.
Dont feel so persecuted, like Champ was on Sat, and try to be open to the possibility that others here might have another opinion on the matter, and Peter King, and his magnificent, homer stats dont really make for some end of story that allows Champ off the hook for being destroyed.
Dont have such negative feelings about competition either. Competition is a good thing, and allowing it to happen can only bring out the best in a person.
I hope these simple thoughts will bring you to a content and peaceful state of mind as you continue to struggle to deal with Saturdays horrific loss.
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