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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
NO, it offers what he and you refer to as fact.
The simple fact is, that Bailey as well as the rest of the secondary benefitted more from Von Miller than any goofy stat that a homer journalist can provide.
Now, instead of calling poeple names, getting all emotional and butt hurt, which you have a history of doing here, agree to disagree, clean your Bailey #24 jersey, and move on with your opinion of this subject.
You still haven't explained your "homer journalist" comment. Neither Peter King nor Pro Football Focus have any affiliation with the Broncos. Second, the posted article offers evidence and stats to support its position. You've offered nothing. No stats, no evidence of any kind, no nothing. Just baseless assertions. In short, you are the one making an emotional argument (spouting off assertions unsupported by actual evidence out of a need for finding a scapegoat), while the article cited leans on unemotional statistics and facts.
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