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Originally Posted by outdoor_miner View Post
I 100% agree that this was the right decision. It is a no-brainer. The odds of Moore (or someone else on Defense) completely crapping the bed were extremely low. Unfortunately, it happened, but it doesn't mean they made the wrong call.

My major issue with Fox were the friggin kneel-downs at the end of the halves, particularly the one at the end of the game. So cowardly. My issue with Manning was I thought he audibled into too many runs in the second half and OT. They just seemed to let the passing game get totally out of rhythm. I don't know why he kept running on 2nd and 1. Why not take a shot downfield in that situation? Ughhhhh. Worst. Game. Ever.
The decision to run on 3rd and seven was correct. The decision to run up the MIDDLE of the Defense with Hester was questionable considering we had already been stuffed there twice. Two back set with Two TE and maybe Hillman to the outside might have had a chance. Wrong personnel were in to have a chance of the first down, with Baltimore ALSO knowing the percentages. Might as well have run a Manning sneak.

It did run the clock...but there was almost zero chance of converting the first down.
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