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The Ravens were scoring at will. This right there is even more proof that Denver should have passed on the 3rd and 7 to kill the Ravens chances. As I mentioned, being a conservative coach has its consequences and it couldn't have a come in a worse game than this. Fox deserves it for being a wuss. Conservative coaching doesn't win you championships; sorry to burst your bubbles fellow fans.
Exactly my point. Ravens already showed fox they don't need time to score. They showed the broncos that distance to the endzone meant nothing.

The most basic way of describing it is taking the ball out of your own hands and giving the other team a shot. It's not really about whether they would've passed for a 1st, threw an incomplete, or even an int. it's the fact they didnt even TRY that is the scary part. No team will ever win a SB when you have that mentality.

Books percentages history tell you to run, the way the game was unfolding it was telling you to pass.
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