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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Your logic is more than just a little bit flawed here. If we passed instead of ran in that situation and lost would that have been the "right call"?
Yes, it would be the right call to the extent that we tried to WIN the game, tried to close it out. If you don't convert, THEN you hand the game to your defense, knowing you did what you could. What we did was wave the white flag. We dared them to beat us, instead of us just beating them, and look what it got us.

The fact that we ran off that time is moot because they scored on us in 40 seconds anyway. And might I also add, even if the pass on 3rd & 7 is incomplete giving Baltimore more time, I doubt they get desperate and heave the ball in that situation. We'd have a much better chance at managing the field than guarding against a pass play that was killing us all day to begin with.

It's just amazing we spent all of this money on a QB that will probably win MVP, and we can't even try to convert a 3rd & 7 to win a playoff game. Just pitiful.
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