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It was the right call. Specially with a coach as Fox. We lost the game not on 1 play. We screwed up a lot. All over. It was a team loss. Only Holiday and Wood came to play, and unfortunately as is the routine, the QB get most of the blame.

On a side note, I do think that with another type of coach, say Shanny,... I would bet the mortage we go for it.
OT should not have existed.

The entire offense put together a game winning 10 play 88 yard drive late in the 4th. Adams broke up a 4th down pass to seal it. Had this been a win everyone would be calling that the drive of 2000s. Moore stops that reception and its a win. Fox put Moore in that position by giving ravens an opportunity with the conservative BS.

Bottom line is with 2 minutes in the game up a TD with the ball and they flat out choked. I don't want an HC that is scared or doesn't trust his offense. His reasoning and comments are baffling to me.
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