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Bradley Roby

Even if the Chuggers and Cheifs new FO and coaching staff does everything right, we have at least two more years of baked-in divison championships on the menu.

ANd if Elway/Russell/Fox do a decent job as we all expect, in this offseason which they should now that there are not so mnay holes to fill and we clearly know what we need to take t hat last step required to become a dominant team again for the duration of Mannings tenure as QB here.

KC has no QB and either has to develop a rookie with slim pickings in this draft, start with a backup or make due with Mike Vick and his old age for an oft injured QB whose style depends on a high level of athleticism and taking hits...

San Diego has even more rebuilding to go through than KC.

Denver should be significantly better, beyond just the stats, the next couple years with just a few more key acquisitions plus some solid additional depth enhancements.

This looks like is may play out along the line of the 1996 through 1998 seasons for Denver ... just what Manning and Elway have been shooting for.

We just got a bit more of a head start they either one expected this first year, but as the game showed Sunday we need just a little more work and a few more slots upgraded to be iron-clad for a 20 game season, if necessary.
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