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I thought that it was the wrong call. You go for the win instead of playing not to lose.

You don’t bring in a HOF QB and pay him $20 million to hand off to the 3rd string running back at the most critical point in the game. You let your best player make a play to end the game.
You also have to look at the way the game had shaped up. They were not getting pressure on Flacco and he’d beaten them deep a couple of times already, and the officiating was not helping you out at all. Of course they were going to throw one up – especially with the potential for PI call. You don’t let it go to that, you go for the win when you have the ball.

You also don’t take a knee with 30 seconds left and 2 time outs. The 3rd and 7 is at least debatable. This is unforgiveable.

The minute they ran the ball on 3rd and 7 I had a very bad feeling they would lose. You can’t keep giving a veteran playoff team chance after chance to beat you.
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