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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Because some calls CAN be the right call to make, but the result doesn't turn out the way it could/should and you lose. Happens all the time.

Think about it this way. We ran and we lost. What if we passed the ball and lost? Technically, then, according to you, there was no right call to make since we lost either way.
I put it right up there with a baseball situation where you're the home team, up by one run, bottom of the ninth, have two outs, bases empty, a .300 slugger at the plate, and a .200 batter behind him. You walk the slugger. 100% of the time, you walk the slugger. What happened to us is that the .200 batter then came up and hit a low and outside pitch into the seats. Actually, more like he hit it deep, our centerfielder did a face plant, the ball lodged in the corner of the fence, and it became an inside the park home run.
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