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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Greatspirits View Post
Nope, I'm still watching the games, I love football, I even watch all preseason games as well. Yes, the Bronx losing was a bitter pill but I'm proud of what they accomplished this year and already looking forward to next year.
This is exactly where I'm at. Football, overall, ending is what is depressing to me. You guys all seem to be where I was after the Jacksonville game. I didn't even watch a sports program till the draft. Knew Shanahan had picked up a bunch of new players but didn't know who, was just deflated. It all worked out and I think it will next year too. Pretty much dislike the teams left but have to root for somebody so it'll be SF, which is unbelievable for me. Will root for Baltimore next week, anybody but NE in the end.
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