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Originally Posted by MplsBronco View Post
The arguement is what gives you the best chance to make a first down and win the game? Running or Passing? The mentality should have been closing out the game and not giving them the ball back. That is the arguement.

Again, you make no sense with the "low percentage play over the 90+% play". A pass does not automatically mean a loss. So stop this arguement. Even an incomplete pass and 30 more seconds for Balt probably still puts your 97% probablity at highr than 90%.

You clearly are happy with a team with a p***Y mentality. I hate the Patriots but I admire their mentality. And its why they are in the AFCCG yet again.
Thank you.

The call was to give up and give Baltimore the ball.

Baltimore scores and sends us home.

In what universe can that possibly be justified as the right call? We lost the damn game for crying out loud. How does a call that makes you lose any game, let alone a playoff game, get to be considered a right call?

Of course you don't expect Moore to **** the bed. All the more reason not to willingly give up the ball. The unexpected will happen.

And oh yeah, we have Peyton Manning back there making the throw for first down. Why even bother signing him if you're going to take the ball out of his hands at the most clutch moment of the season.

Give me a break with this "right call" nonsense. We lost. It was a bad call.
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