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Not only were the calls bad, but the timing was horrible

1. PI on Carter... A few plays later was a long bomb for a TD.

2. Missed PI on Decker... Directly led to a pick 6.

3. Holding call on Kuper... Next play fumble by Manning.
3b. No tuck rule for Manning (dumb rule, but if you have it I don't know why this doesn't count)... few plays later, big run for Rice that leads to a TD.

Combine that with the 2 TD's to end the half and the game, and thats all that the Ravens got.

Denver has many reasons to have lost the game on their own accord (Bailey, Moore, Peyton's pick, missed FG, No pass rush, conservative 3rd down runs, etc...) but these things probably don't come into play if it isn't for the refs.
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